North/South Ireland Food Consumption Survey

In 1996, a food consumption survey was initiated by IUNA with  funding from the Department of Agriculture Food and Rural Development, The Food Safety  Authority of Ireland, The Northern Ireland Centre for Diet and Health and the food industry. The survey involved a random sample of 1379 adults on the entire island of Ireland.  958 adults were surveyed in the Republic of Ireland (South) and 421 were surveyed in Northern Ireland (North). The survey was completed in 2000.

A Summary Report on Food and Nutrient Intakes, Anthropometry, Attitudinal data and Physical Activity patterns is now available below.  This Summary Report was published and launched on the 13th of March 2001, with the support of the Food Safety Promotion Board.

The Main Report, which provides more comprehensive details of the results and also provides details of  the sampling, recruitment and methodology used to carry out the survey, can be accessed from the menu of this website.  The results of further analysis of this survey will also be published as a supplement to Public Health Nutrition, a journal of The Nutrition Society  (

Summary Report

All Report Elements as single download (.zip)

Elements of Report as individual download (.PDF):

Contents - Table

Chapter 1 - Sampling

Chapter 2 - Food Consumption

Chapter 3 – Nutrient Intakes

Summary Tables - Tables 3.1-3.3
Energy - Figures 3.1Tables 3.4-3.9
Macronutrients - Figures 3.2-3.4Tables 3.10-3.17
Fibre - Figures 3.5-3.7Tables 3.18-3.26
Vitamins - Figures 3.8-3.24Tables 3.27-3.67
Minerals - Figures 3.25-3.34Tables 3.68-3.90

Chapter 4 - Anthropometric Measurements

Chapter 5 - Physical Activity Levels

Chapter 6 - Attitudinal Data